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Solar power is the solution for future clean energy. Every day, the sun gives us much more energy than we need to power everything on earth. That’s why we’re introducing solar power plants ranging from domestic to comercial and we are now offering solar kits to our customers in India specially from Hyderabad. 
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Types of Solar Installation

For Domestic and Commercial application


Off Grid Solar System
Power from roof-top solar panels will be fed directly to home. Whenever the production is in excess than the consumption of your home appliances, the battery will store it and can automatically used for consumption when the production is less from the panels. 

On Grid Solar System
Electricity produced from the roof-top panels (DC) will be converted into AC by the inverter and connected to your home. Excess will be given back to the local electricity board grid through net metering systems. The units of electricity supplied to the board from the solar systems will be calculated and paid back to the consumer.


Solar Street lights
Solar Street lights are independent of power grid and use the power stored in battery. Solar panels will charge batteries in day time. The system includes solar panels, battery and controlling electronics, LED light, pole and box for protection. 

Solar Water Heating Systems
Solar water heaters are most efficient and high performing water heaters as compared to other water heaters. The solar water heaters are cheap; need no maintenance of automatic water level controllers. The solar water heaters are good options to conserve the energy and reduce electricity consumption.


Batteries & Inverters
All types of inverter batteries and inverters with different capacities are available as per requirement.

How We Work?

As simple as said. In three steps!!!

Site Visit

After you reach us with basic details,we visit the site/project location.Create layout and Estimate the best reasonable cost we can give.


Once the project is approved,
The Solar Panels along with
necessary equipment will reach
your site/project location.


Relax !!
Our Engineers will take care the rest.
After the installation,inspection and verification will be processed.

How Huge We handle?

Solar Projects Can vary from KW - MW depending upon the valuation

Domestic Installation

Ranging from 0.5KW to 200KW, 500KW, 800KW and more we handle.


Other home appliances like DC power backup lamps, Solar fans, Solar coolers and more are available. 


Commercial Installation

Starting from 500KW to 50 MW, we are able to give you the best service.

Solar for Corporate Office 

Switch your light energy requirement on to solar produced electricity to reduce the conventional electricity bill.

Why Solar?

Cost Effective High performance power solution


Low cost

Value for money

Best affordable power source with long term
validity and maintenance free.


Can install anywhere

Suitable for any Geo-location. Quick to setup.


Sell the extra power 

With the Net-metering system you can send the unused excess power back to your supply and reduce the bills and sometimes can make profit out of it.


Let the sun pay for your power

With the increasing demand in home appliances you can power the entire home and not worry for the bill.



To improve the utilization capacity of solar power, we are doing research in solar gadgets and appliances. Introducing new and efficient methods of solar power consumption by developing gadgets like DC appliances which remove the DC to AC conversion losses and cut down the cost of inverter equipment.


DC lighting for Home and Office

We developed a method to use the DC power generated by solar panel directly by lighting loads. So that DC to AC conversion loss of electricity can be cut down and investment of Inverter and LED driver unit can be eliminated. It saves *70% of money spent of lighting.


Solar Cooler

In summer we face problem with power outage and too much power bill due to excess of electricity consumption. To overcome that, we developed solar air cooler and the cost is just *20% higher than normal air cooler, but saves *100% electricity.


AC and DC home

This is new concept where there will be seperate power cables for AC power and DC power. Lights, fans, mobile charging, and few other gadgets will run on DC and heavy loads will run on AC. This will save upto *40% of electricity bill and cuts down upto *50% money on electrical equipment.


Other gadgets

Other gadgets like solar mobile charger, solar torch, solar study lamps, solar garden lamps, solar security system, offline power backup, solar ceiling fans, and many more are made into market by using our research outputs.

Solar FAQ

A power generation method that converts sun light energy into electricity. Solar panels are arranged on a roof-top or on ground in solar farms that converts sun light radiation into electricity.

Photovoltaic cells in solar panel turn sunlight into electricity (DC). By using inverter, DC is converted to AC which we use. Then the electricity is used, fed into the grid or stored in a battery.

The cost depends on how many panels are installed. Due to technology, it is becoming more affordable every year. As requirement and usage increases, its importance will increase and cost reduces.


Market is too big to provide our services.


Contact Address

# 8-7-325,madhuban colony,
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